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DEW’s sole objective is to make developers’ lives super convenient and easy with excellent features and highly intuitive visual interface

Entity Manager

Entity Manager provides functionalities to import entities from database to DEW Studio and it also allows developers to create their own entities based on the application flow and that too, without affecting the database.

Query Builder

Query Builder is one of the crucial features of DEW Studio. It has a graphical SQL query designer and visual features that enable developers to build highly interactive query without any manual coding.

UI Designer

It’s a drag-and-drop based visual UI Designer that allows the developer to how the end result will look like while the page is being designed. DEW UI Designer enables developers to create highly intuitive user interface for web, mobile (iOS, Android and Windows) and hybrid applications.

Flow Programming

DEW’s one of the most useful features Flow Programming substantially reduces the code writing time for developers by providing in-built functionalities for front-end, logics and back-end transactions. It has different highly useful functionalities like HTML functions, scripting related native functions, lodash functions, etc.

Data Binding

In traditional development process, data binding is a very time consuming job and it requires the involvement of a front-end designer. But DEW’s Data Binding feature makes thing highly convenient for developers as all they need to make connections between HTML attributes and Script sources and the required code is ready.

Code Generation

The Application Generation Tool generates the application code in a click. It allows developers to keep code in their local drive and debug it using their own IDE. DEW doesn’t require any IDE to run or edit the generated code as it has it’s in-built Code Editor.