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DEW’s sole objective is to make developers’ lives super convenient and easy with excellent features and highly intuitive visual interface

Entity Manager

Entity Manager provides functionalities to import entities from the database to the DEW Studio Low-Code platform and it also allows developers to create their own entities based on the application flow without affecting the database.

Query Builder

Query Builder is one of the crucial features of DEW Studio’s Low-Code solution. It has a graphical SQL query designer and visual features that enable developers to build highly interactive queries without any manual coding. It provides a graphical tool to build the queries in minutes and expose those APIs or services. It also contains toolbars with several controls for better UI development. This Low-Code app development platform enables the creation of applications that are compatible with a variety of database management systems.

UI Designer

It’s a drag-and-drop based visual UI Designer that allows the developer to know what the end result will look like while the page is being designed. It has easy drag-and-drop UI features at every step of the process. The UI Designer of DEW Studio’s Low-Code app development platform enables developers to create a highly intuitive user interface for web, mobile (iOS & Android), and hybrid applications. Its Web-based tool also helps to build UI for web and cross-platform mobile apps. It is the best Low-Code tool that helps developers and UI designers to design and build apps extremely fast.

Flow Programming

DEW provides an innovative and intuitive way of coding with one of the most useful features, Flow Programming, which substantially reduces the code writing time for developers by providing in-built functionalities for front-end, logic, and back-end transactions. It has different highly useful functionalities like HTML functions, scripting-related native functions, lodash functions, etc. Additionally, it has plenty of methods for string manipulation, array manipulation, native functions, etc.

Data Binding

In the traditional app development process, data binding is a very time-consuming job and it requires the involvement of a front-end designer, but a Low-Code solution with DEW has a Data Binding feature that makes things highly convenient for developers, as they only need to make connections between HTML attributes and Script sources, then the required code is ready to deploy. It has automatically generated Data-Binding code through graphical wiring for connecting UI-HTML controls with the Data models. It facilitates data binding between the Low-Code development and the app UI.

Code Generation

The Application Generation Low-Code Tool generates the application code with a few clicks. It allows developers to keep code in their local drive and debug it using their own IDE. DEW doesn’t require any IDE to run or edit the generated code as it has its in-built Code Editor. It boosts efficiency by allowing you to code faster with less effort. The features of the DEW studio Low-Code tool help to systemize resources, prevent mistakes, and provide shortcuts. It has pre-installed libraries for specific languages that foster development by utilizing syntax highlighting features.

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DEW has enabled our clients to streamline the majority of their development activities while keeping a phenomenally shorter SDLC.

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