Reduced coding time

The 'controller' has a default method called 'init' that kickstarts the flow of the program and makes it super easy to code.

Transact within front-end & back-end

To extend logic, developers only need to drag and drop in a visual environment to transact between the front-end & back-end.

Custom drag-and-drop

The platform is designed to provide an intuitive visual environment to simply connect data points & APIs with drag-and-drop.

Programming is the process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into a notation, a programming language, so that it can be executed by a computer. But DEW changes the traditional programming procedure for the developers by providing the concept of ‘Flow Programming’.

DEW’s ‘Flow Programming’ helps the developer to reduce the time of code writing by providing in-build functionalities for front-end logics and back-end transaction. Flow Programming provides the various functionalities such as ‘HTML Functions’, scripting related native function, ‘lodash’ functions, in-build created services and custom methods.

The ‘Controller’ in the DEW plays a major role of flow programming, which provides the platform to make the connection between the methods which developers are dragging and dropping into it. The ‘Controller’ has a default method in it called ‘init’, which provides the starting flow of the program. To extend the flow of logic as per the requirement, developer just need to drag and drop the methods from the ‘Methods’ section. For making the server side transactions from the client side developer need to use the methods from ‘service’ section.

The client side logic flow methods are also able to create by the developer in ‘Custom Method’ section in his own way and able to drag and drop inside the ‘Controller’ and made the connections as required and as per the flow. Developer can easily call a method from one to other by making a wire connection between them.

Developers are also allow adding the parameters and modifying the drag and dropped methods according to their application flow. DEW ‘Flow programming’s’ one of the most important features for developer is called snippet. This one helps the developer to create his own method if any existing method didn’t suits for the application flow. Newly created snippet will get displayed in the ‘Controller’ screen. Developer can make the required connectivity’s with the created snippet according to their application flow.

One of the major advantages in ‘Flow Programming’, developer doesn’t need to duplicate the code for web and mobile projects. Same can be used for both web and hybrid mobile apps. So it helps the developer to save half of the time and cost.

Visualization of controller gives more legible workflow which can be obtained by flow programming. In the case of object-oriented software, a number of other difficulties arise when trying to gain an understanding of the software. Flow Programming help programmers to understand a program more quickly, especially if they are not familiar with it.

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