For Quicker App Development, DEW Low Code's latest Version 13.1.0 Upgraded its Page Generation, API Generation, and Generate Navigation features.

December 5, 2022

The DEW Low Code Automation platform increases the productivity and efficiency of developers by cutting the app development time in half with a Low to No-Code approach. DEW integration enhances enterprises to automate business processes quickly.

Florida, December 5, 2022 - Developer Efficiency Workbench (DEW) helps developers and enterprises accelerate App development by using its unique features such as Data Binding, Flow Programming, Code Generation, Query Builder, UI Designer, etc. These features can be utilized to create enterprise-level applications quickly using drag-and-drop.

DEW reduces App development time & complexity while coding by its Low Code features. The reduction in app development time varies, but on average, at least 50% of the app development time is saved. Hence, a significant cost savings to IT and developers. Most importantly, DEW helps even entry-level developers work at the pace of professional coders to build enterprise-level applications quickly.

The latest updates to DEW Studio are:

1. API Generation wizard: It helps to generate services much faster by selecting the required entities and operations.

2. Page Wizard: It generates both services and pages based on the selected entities and the page design templates. Developers can increase their productivity by using it.

3. Navigation: Now, it’s easier to generate navigation using drag-and-drop, eliminating the need for manual development. It helps developers manage routing and menu bars easily to develop applications faster.

The latest version of the DEW Low Code Automation Platform has been available since December 1, 2022. For a free trial of the platform, write/contact us at support@dewstudio.io. For more info about DEW, visit www.dewstudio.io

About DEW Studio:

DEW is a proprietary Low Code Software of TechRev, a renowned US- based leading Custom Software development company. DEW helps companies enable business process automation, faster time-to-market operations, and scale productivity for increasing ROI. The High-End Business/Utility applications quickly developed with DEW includes eNotaryOnCall, ListenMD, DocVoice, MemorialHealthCare System, etc.

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