It completely depends on your coding experience and the type of application that you want to develop. For a mid-level developer, it takes only a few minutes to develop a basic and simple application in the DEW Low Code platform.
Well, you can add as many applications as you want in DEW. However, one thing that you must remember is that when you are building an application in the DEW Low Code platform, you can create every working element of a complete application.
In the DEW Low Code automation platform, you can have the entire source code of a custom application. So, DEW generates applications with its source code.
Unlike other low-code development platforms that enable you to generate applications with limited scalability and upgradability, the DEW Low Code app allows you to make your custom application development more futuristic. With the cutting-edge features of DEW, you can create highly robust and scalable applications to meet all the evolving customer requirements.
When it comes to making the most of this Low Code application, you can either develop an application from scratch or keep adding resources to the existing one.
With the DEW Low Code automation platform, you can develop applications for Web and Mobile (for iOS and Android both) and highly scalable business process automation solutions.
DEW Low Code app is a state-of-the-art, developer-focused platform that focuses on highly intuitive and robust app-development approaches like UI-to-code conversion, minimal code writing, and complete control over the app’s actions, UI, and databases.
Yes, it is possible to handle multiple popups on a page with the DEW Low Code solution if the modal dialogs have been already created.
Yes, you can reuse any design component on another page in DEW Low Code app, If the component has been already created. (Note: It works as adding component selector inside another page)
It is possible to create a data table with sorting and search filters by adding a grid view on the page.
To manage role-based permission, there is a field to add permission in pages/services/dialogs/navigation as '[<roles>::<operations>]' Example:-
To add permissions, first need to set the roles with operations. To know more about how to add roles and operations Click Here.
DEW Low Code solution allows creating multiple templates as needed. To know more about how to create, Click Here.
DEW Low Code app has an option to use material tab groups in pages. Using tab groups, you can create a multi-tabs page. To know more about how to create a multi-tab page, Click Here.
Yes, it is possible to create child navigation. To know more about how to create child navigation, Click Here.
Yes, in the DEW Low Code solution, there is a service called report service. To know more about how to use the service, Click Here.
DEW platform for code generation provides an option to disable the specific source to stop during application generation, and users can find those options in settings. To know more about options, Click Here.
Upon completing the application development, the developer can generate the application with a single click.
Developers can perform some parts of application development with just one click during development.
There is a style module to add styles as global to the application, and users can use those styles on pages. To know more about styles and where to use them, Click Here.
Yes, you can have access to the entire code.
Through its API Gen Wizard, DEW Low Code App creates simple CRUD to complex API in a single go.
Yes, developers can connect one data endpoint to another through DEW's unique wiring framework as fast as possible by double-clicking on designer controls.
Yes, with the feature of a DEW-enabled debugger, you can test application source code simultaneously.
Using DEW, you will get clean code; that’s why there will be no logical error in your developed application. Integrated terminal and debugging options are also available in the DEW Low Code app.
The developer must possess a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. But an experienced developer with knowledge of the same technologies can build complex applications in very less time.
Yes, In the DEW platform, the automatic code will be generated.
Yes, you can import and edit your source code, but it should be compatible with DEW-supported technologies.
For training, there is a complete DEW course that you can refer to.
Yes, you can develop Web and Mobile applications(iOS & Android).
Yes, developers having basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can create applications. And within three weeks of using the DEW Low Code app, developers can easily create enterprise-level business applications.
Yes, you can develop Cross Platform applications.
Responsive application refers to web designs that accommodate different screen sizes, so the content looks great on any screen size. Using DEW Studio's designer view, you can render your design within seconds. In addition to supporting flex layout and CSS, this enables you to create a multi-screen design.
3 Weeks for an entry-level developer and one week for an experienced developer. Most of the time, it depends on the skillset and aptitude of the developers.
We have prepared a complete DEW course for training. Along with that, we have a Video library, Tutorial, and Documentation for training. If needed, we do provide support from the Technical Support team.
To know the subscriptions plans, please Click here.

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