Connect html & script variables

Through the DEW Low Code app, developers can manage data bindings easily by making connections between HTML attributes & script sources.

Create query string variables

The DEW Low Code platform provides a 'query string' section as well as a 'view model' section to efficiently create query string variables and model variables.

Every website and hybrid mobile app’s end-user interaction is made by the combination of HTML and JavaScript. To provide a well-structured user interaction, IT companies are spending a lot on the front-end designers nowadays. ‘DEW STUDIO’ comes with a very innovative functionality called ‘Data Binding’ to save the time for code generation on user interaction logics.

Front-end developers have to spend a lot of time making the site dynamic from the data they fetched from the server. They need to bind the HTML and data into a single unit for end users to view with the help of scripts. The organization requires a skilled front-end developer for all these data-binding tasks. They need to spend a lot of money and time on them. In ‘DEW Studio’ Low Code platform developers are able to create an HTML view using the ‘UI Designer’ and scripting can be done in ‘Flow Programming’.

‘DEW Studio’ Low Code app supports angular.js for the front end, so in the data binding section, the HTML attributes of angular.js will be available. The section on 'data binding consists mainly of the 'input sources section and the ‘controls' section. Low Code solution platform 'DEW Studio' provides a 'query string' section for creating query string variables for a particular page. In addition, it provides a 'view model' section for creating model variables for the particular page.

With the DEW Low Code app, you can create Where Conditions, Joins, Group By, Having, and Order By using its Query Builder. DEW Query Builder provides support to pass input parameters for services. All the required output columns for a Select Service can be generated in Query Builder with a single button click.

The developer doesn't have to write code when interacting with HTML and scripting on the designed page; instead, they can connect the variables in HTML and scripts and front-end logic code will be generated. DEW Low Code solution provides the option to create script variables in the section called view model. DEW's data binding option saves developers a lot of coding time, allowing them to work on other areas of software development.

To make the interactions with html and scripting of the designed page, the developer do not need to write a code, they can do it by just connecting the html and script variables and front end logic code will get generated. DEW provides the options to create script variables in section called view model. Data binding option in ‘DEW’ saves lot of time in coding, which gives more time for the developers to work on the other software development process.

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